Types of computer mice

Types of computer mice

In its most basic form, a mouse is a simple computer accessory that lets you interact with your PC. But while computer mice are pretty simple in concept, they come in a huge variety of prices and designs.

Knowing you have purchased the best mouse for all your tasks is crucial. The mouse is arguably the computer accessory you need the most – especially when using creative software or playing games.

If you spend hours and hours at a laptop or computer, you will benefit from a mouse that is comfortable to use, fast and responsive. Some mice also have other cool features (like programmable buttons). Today we will talk about the best types of mice you need to know about before you go shopping for a new model.

  1. Optical mouse

An optical mouse is the most common type of mice. It uses a LED light at the bottom of the device. This LED light detects movement and translates it into the cursor on the screen. Since an optical mouse does not have a lot of moving parts that can be broken, it is reliable. These mice are also very accurate and sensitive, and they do not require regular cleaning. However, an optical mouse does not work well on clear glass or plastic surfaces because of its sensors.

  • Laser mouse

A laser mouse replaces the LED light of the optical mouse with a laser beam that reflects from the surface it is on. As the optical mouse, the laser mouth will not work well on glass or plastic surfaces. The laser allows the mouse to detect even the most subtle movements. That is why many professionals use it for precision as they need.

  • Wireless mouse

A wireless mouse is a mouse without a tail (cord). It is the best option for you if you are tired of too many cables on your desk. These mice usually use batteries for the operation. There are two types of wireless mice: RF (radio frequency) and Bluetooth. The first type uses radio frequency to communicate with the computer, while the second type takes advantage of the Bluetooth protocol that computers have. A wireless mouse is comfortable and portable; you can easily pack up and take it with you to different work locations.

  • Trackball mouse

A trackball mouse is a mouse with a ball on top of it. You need to rotate the ball using your fingers or thumb to control the cursor on the screen. This type of mouse is popular in gaming as it allows you to perform all kinds of tricks. What is more, a trackball mouse is perfect for anyone with CTS as it minimizes common wrist movements. For that same reason, it is a good choice for the elderly. You can use this mouse on all kinds of surfaces, including uneven surfaces such as a couch.

  • Stylus mouse

A stylus is a pen-like device. It is used directly on a pressure-sensitive pad. This mouse is specifically meant for digital designers because it has a high level of accuracy and precision for detailed graphic work.

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