Welcome to KUMOZA your number one source for all things you love.

KUMOZA started and established in 2018 with a focus on online business for the international market by offering a wide range products such as Phone cases, wallets, smart watches and so on.

Our main supplier source is 100% from the factory not from the middleman. where we can offer the best prices and a wide range of quality products directly from the factory

We are dedicated to providing you with high quality products where every product sold at kumoza.com undergoes comprehensive testing and control procedures to ensure customers are satisfied with the products they purchase from kumoza. Kumoza offers only high quality products, which allow customers to shop with confidence.

In addition to having warehouse facilities for storage, every order and fulfillment will be processed through a system warehouse that integrates with our website where all information regarding tracking number and shipping status will be updated and can be obtained through your registered account.

By offering a wide range of quality products directly from the factory, the best prices and dedicated support team will make your shopping experience on our website enjoyable.